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Creative Director  •  Field Producer & Staff


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As a young kid growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma I quickly had a strong passion for two things - the outdoors and art. I spent my days either drawing or fishing and there was no in-between. My father shared with me his passion of fishing that was passed down to him by his father. After countless early mornings on the water absorbing any tips and tricks my father would share with me, I quickly realized I was meant to be in the great outdoors. Whether it was gliding across a smooth lake in our old boat, fishing the shoreline of a small pond, keeping up with my grandfather's property in McAlester, or riding four wheelers with my cousins in an open field, I never felt more like myself than when I was outside. However, when I was stuck indoors I found joy through art that quickly translated into photography as I grew older.  Not only was I able to capture moments frozen in time for myself, I wanted to gift others with moments that would be cherished forever. So I began a photography business in 2016 that specialized in portrait and event photography with the mission to "Capture God's Good Work". Within the industry I worked for RGB Studios doing real estate photography for McGraw Realtors as well as doing both photo and video work for Rogers State University Athletics. As business grew, so did my knowledge in all things photography, creative softwares, and social media.

It wasn't until I met Hannah Anello, Tim's daughter, and became familiar with Inside Outdoors TV that I realized I could combine my passion for photography/videography with my passion for the outdoors. After months of learning from Tim in all aspects of hunting and production, I was hired to help the TV show establish a consistent social media presence, film narrations, and work on any other creative projects we had. It has been a blast working with the guys as well as becoming more knowledgeable with the hunting industry. I hope to eventually encourage other women to join the outdoor industry if they have a passion for it and show others it's possible to make a living doing what you love rather than being complacent with sitting in a cubical. 


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