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Team Member  •  Field Producer & Staff

Dusty has been a part of the outdoors his entire life. His Grandpa and Dad began to take him along small game hunting, deer hunting, and fishing very early in life. He grew up in a small Missouri Ozark's town hunting and fishing anything that was in season with his Brother, Dad, Grandpa and friends. He has had a passion for the outdoors for as long as he can remember. A passion that he plans to pass on as a father to his little girl.


Dusty met Tim and Matt while guiding deer hunts in Northern Missouri after graduating from Oklahoma State University with an Ag degree in 2007. Dusty moved back to Oklahoma after guiding hunts in 2008 and the rest is history.


You could say Dusty is the “farmer” of the group. He has been an agronomy sales manager for LandOLakes for the last 13 years and operates a farm and haying operation in the Tulsa, OK area with his wife Richal along with the help from his little girl Harper.


“Hunting and fishing to me is more about who you do it with, rather than how you do it. I like to shoot a big deer with my bow just as much as the next guy, its just so much sweeter when you get to enjoy it with the folks you care about.”

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