Co-Host  •  Producer  •  Chief Editor  •  Vice President of Anello Productions, Inc.

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I started hunting in high school when a buddy took me duck hunting. I don't think we killed a thing and it was possibly the coldest hunt I've ever been on. But I was hooked... Waterfowl and upland bird hunting was really all I did until we started IOTV. With the help of Dave, Shane and Matt, I quickly became an accomplished big game hunter. We are still learning and teaching each other new things every day.


I stepped into the video production industry in 1996 when I quite college and started working at our family business, Anello Productions, Inc.  I have had the amazing opportunity to film and/or edit some of the outdoor industries largest programs including Bassmasters, Whitetail Institute of North America, Bass Pro Shops and Roland Martin along with countless other worldwide, national and local projects.


I've been married for 20 years to an amazing woman, Stephanie. She is my queen... and I mean that literally. Her idea of camping is finding a Hilton by a park! While she didn't get this "hunting show thing" in the beginning, she's coming around. She is my driving force to be the best I can be, and often sees potential in me that I don't always see, no matter where I may be in life.  

We have 2 kids that drive me crazy! Yet, at the very same time, are the light of my life and the reason I wake up every day trying to be the best dad, husband and person I can be. Hannah is 20, my oldest, and has stacked up the turkeys and whitetail! In 2013 she got her first whitetail. Jaxon is 16 and he is truly my "mini me". He has also started layin' down the long beards and whitetails. I LOVE the hours spent in the woods with them uninterrupted by the distractions of the world. 


Most importantly, I'm a God fearing Christian. It's not just some title, it's how I live my life.

​I'm also proud to be an American! To live in this great country where we may not share the same beliefs, the same God or the same political views, and we can do it free from persecution. 




Tim was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he grew up with a strong love for the outdoors. As a boy his family did a lot of camping where we learned to fish backwater streams and creeks and cook foil wrapped dinners on the campfire. Whether at the beach surfing or the ball field and everywhere in between, he couldn’t get enough of the outdoors. But when it comes to hunting, He was a bit late arriving on the scene. "My first hunt was my freshman year in high school and let me tell you … it was the coldest freakin duck hunt I have ever been on and someone forgot to tell the ducks we were there." Nonetheless, on that unsuccessful and frozen morning Tim found something he could enjoy when it was too cold to do anything else outside.


His love for bird hunting progressed straight to quail and pheasant thanks to the abundance of public land in Oklahoma. Well of course the next progression was hunting whitetails. At some point in college Tim skipped the gun and went straight to the bow. Now, if you can imagine a self-taught bow hunter trying to learn on public land well, you can see why after a few years he wasn’t so big whitetails anymore. "Thank goodness that has all changed for me … "


In 1996, while in college to become an elementary school teacher, Tim's dad, Beau Anello, asked him if he would like to join the family business, Anello Productions as an editor. Not really giving it much thought, other than he could quite school and working at the local sporting goods store, Tim instantly stepped into the role of chief editor. Within 3 years, he was editing/filming Bassmasters, the Whitetail Institute of North America and segments for Bass Pro Shops television shows along with countless other world wide, national and local projects. With Beau Anello as his mentor, Tim soon joined his father as having an impecable reputation in the industry for top notch quality and honest business. 


When the guys started Inside Outdoors TV, Tim took his took his production skills and quickly absorbed the knowledge of big game hunting from Dave, Shane and Matt, who have been deer hunting since they were kids, and has gone from no whitetails under his belt to having more than a few hanging on the wall along with big game from two other countries. And the cool thing is, it’s all been caught on camera, all the trials and tribulations for viewers to enjoy….or laugh at.


While some would call Tim's love for the outdoors an addiction, that addiction is trumped by his love for God and for his family. "The highlight of my entire hunting career was when my daughter shot her first turkey... while sitting in my lap." Over the last few years, Tim's daughter Hannah, has killed a hand full of turkeys and in 2013 her first deer. His son, Jaxon, has also started stacking up long beards and his quest for his first whitetail.

"My next goal it to get my wife, the love of my life, her first kill."  Of all the amazing hunts he goes on each year, Tim looks forward the hunts with his kids more than any other.


God, family and hunting - what more can a guy want in life?